At some point of time (past or even now), we are one of the loyal fans and avid supporters of processed-foods and fast foods ; one they’re cheap, they are very convenient to prepare and dispose, they can be bought almost everywhere and fourth, they’re tasty and they really make our taste buds happy (probably due to high level of salt, fat and sugar).

Most of the time, processed-foods and fast-foods contain high level of sugar, salt and fats which can lead to obesity and cardiovascular illnesses and eventually to death if there are no interventions (exercise, lifestyle change etc.). According to Fitday and Mens’ Health, below are some of the effects of junk foods to us especially if we make these as our daily staple:

  1. Junk food affects our energy levels
    We all know that a typical junk food doesn’t have enough good nutrients to keep you going until the end of the day. As a result, we feel tired (without knowing the main cause and without doing anything strenuous) and drained. The article mentioned that the high levels of sugar in junk foods puts our metabolism under stress, refined sugar pushes the pancreas to secrete high amounts of insulin to prevent sudden increase in sugar level.
  1. It contributes to poor performance and obesity
    Junk food typically contains heaps of fat which piles-up in our body if left unburned due to idle lifestyle. The more weight we gain, the more we’ll be closer to the risk of chronic and cardiovascular illnesses such as heart attack, diabetes, hypertension etc since fats heightens levels of trans fatty acids and cholesterol levels.
  1. Junk food messes with our brain
    Canadian researchers experimented in mice that followed a high-fat diet felt more anxious after 6 weeks compared to another set of mice on low-fat plan.  The research states that diet that’s high in sugar and fat changes the chemical activity in our brain which makes us depress and manifest signs of withdrawal if we stop consuming this type of food.

This type of food may give us the sudden jolt of energy that we want but processed and junk foods don’t have adequate amount of vitamins, protein and good carbohydrates – our blood sugar levels will wane shortly making us feeling bloated, fatigued and craving for more. Indulging once in a while (like once or twice a week) isn’t bad since our body needs diverse kinds of vitamins and mineral

I am not saying that we shouldn’t eat these types of food, I know that in this era where everything must be fast, convenient and cheap (food is definitely not an exception), we tend not to be particular and conscious (and cautious) about the food that we are putting inside our body. It is fine to eat our favourite munchies but we need to learn the importance of balance and moderation, in this way, we can eat what we want without jeopardizing our health. And, being healthy inside and out can’t be brought by food alone (no matter how nutritional that is). Exercise, social interaction and multimodal learning must be done regularly to achieve wellness and holistic health development.


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