My personal pledge to myself to the promotion of positive and better health is;

“I will be more participative to our company and local government’s programs with the goal of uplifting the general health condition of myself, my colleagues and the people who are part of our circle. I will set an example by sincerely following basic rules even if others can’t see it.”

When was the last time you get yourself checked? Let’s admit it, most of the time we feel strong and bit invincible, there are many times that simple aches (sometimes worse) can be brought down by a single or couple of paracetamol.  We always run to our kitchen cabinets and pop out tabs of those over-the-counter saviours to erase the pain away. I wish all our sickness can be driven off with simple self-medications and techniques we learned from watching YouTube and too much time engrossing in the internet (I hope it’s really educational).

Last April of this year, our company had an annual physical check-up to all its employees. All of us went through the mandatory series of medical diagnostics and episodes of scrutiny of people working in the healthcare industry. Despite being busy at work, I believe that health should always be on the very top of my list, well without a good and able vessel all will tumble down. After hours of queuing, answering to questions, enduring the needle and doing other “awkward” stuff, I finished the entire course (including the drug test). I have a colleague, who is also a department head, who didn’t go to the annual check-up, he said that he is fine and he gleefully said that he religiously takes his vitamins everyday and he has set of medicines inside his bag whenever head ache pins him down. I said, “C’mon, it’s still best to see a doctor to make sure you’re healthy inside and out, you’ll never know.” He replied with a quick smile then he darted his face onto his laptop again.

After two weeks, I received the results and I am quite happy for the outcome- everything is normal and there isn’t any reason for me to worry (for now I guess). I guess the discipline imposed in eating and forcing myself to exercise despite the hectic schedule in work (plus school responsibilities) are paying off.

Just few days ago, my colleague who isn’t fond of having himself being checked were on leave for about 3-4 days as I write this blog. I found out from his staff that he is experiencing migraine and started to experience this “piercing and grave headache” since the early months of 1st quarter of this year. “Ellen”, his staff, always reminds my colleague to visit a nearby hospital since check-ups are covered by our health card and they are literally free.  Ellen told me that my friend always pull-up beds of paracetamol from his bag and always letting its short-term wonders and miracles save the day.

As we can observe from my experience, we should always consult health professionals if a certain illness becomes persistent. Second, self-medication is not really advisable (even though if it is effective) since we don’t know its adverse effects and we are not really sure if we are really ingesting the right medicine. Last, health should always be our priority – we only have one life and it is always better to be in preventive stance than curative.