According to University of California, Riverside people shouldn’t be too focused on physical wellness alone because the university asserted that an individual has seven dimensions of health namely: physical, social, emotional, occupational, spiritual, mental and environmental.  These are the seven health dimensions of a person that must be nurtured and fed with variety of tangible and intangible nutrients for a person to grow holistically. You cannot nourish one dimension alone since the mentioned seven are all dependent and interconnected with each other, failure of one component will lead to the detrimental development and interaction of a person with himself/herself and to others.

I actually agree to URC, apart from the fact that “a man cannot live on bread alone”, human beings need one another and need to interact with each other in order to obtain his/her wants and needs for he/she simply cannot do everything on his/her force and mind alone. On one of Plato’s writing (Greek philosopher), “man is naturally a social being; that’s why there are states (Polis).” And so, my experience, yours, academic and scientific researches, and Plato’s unfathomable philosophy truly prove that we have to keep our over-all health “well-oiled” or we might end up to what happened to a college friend of mine.

Let’s call him “A”, he is my classmate and a friend in my previous university when I took Hotel and Restaurant Management as my first undergraduate program. He is actually healthy – physically because he doesn’t have any serious or dreaded disease way back and he swims every weekend, mentally because he is good in Math Class and he draws very well, emotionally because he is in a relationship with his girl for about 2 years (that year) but the problem is the way he sees others’ religion. He is a member of a religious organization we all know very well, as a friend and concerned individual, he often get into oral arguments (sometimes bordering physical argument) because of his manner of refuting and  disproving other people’s beliefs and perspectives in their religion. Most of the time, people steer away from A whenever religious topics are up. As we can observe from my personal account, A is considerably healthy however, his behaviour and attitude get into his spiritual and social health thereby affecting how people perceive him generally.

We have to understand that as one of the living units in a society composed of intertwined threads of diversity in cultures and religions, we have to connect with each other with sincere respect, openness and acceptance. Especially, religion and other personal beliefs are quite sensitive so it is better to handle any conversation with this topic with extra care and empathy to understand different beliefs.

Last, as complex beings who need many tangible and intangible things in life beyond food, we have to remember to nourish the seven dimensions of our health. Just like a machine, if one gear is rusted it will definitely affect the function of the entire body, thereby affecting our efficiency and productivity.


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