Allowing ourselves to see and have a clear vision of our strengths and weaknesses as academic learners is a leverage that we can use to better position ourselves in the daily dynamics of teaching-learning interaction. We can focus our energy and resources to our skills which have the biggest room for development. As I write this blog, I can almost see the finish line of the academic program that I am taking; yes I have to be optimistic, dedicated and focused to guarantee that I will part of the students who will graduate from this program and from this university – making me more equipped and better educator in my own field. My educational journey in UP Open U has been pushing to me to the edge – allowing me to go beyond the lines drawn by my weaknesses hence making me a better person from yesterday.

The journey in fact has been teaching me a lot of substantial and real-world relevant knowledge – information, principles, and theories that I can apply in my work and in daily life. In this note, I believe that one of the best values that UPOU, my work and my daily struggles had taught me is to be resilient against the world’s storm of odds.  The company I’m working with and the great people from this university had taught me to look with sincerity and determination at my past shortcomings and recognize what went wrong and from there, learn from it and use it as I continue to improve my skill set.

In line with self-assessment, the set of tests and questionnaires reflected my skills as a student in the open and distance education learning – the most important result for me is that I have to improve my time management skills to avoid unnecessary cramming and to avoid compromising the quality of my outputs. Being in this mode of learning, I have to be more disciplined, self-directed and independent enough to be more efficient and effective in handling my responsibilities.  Despite being a good time manager, the other showed that I need concrete improvement in self-management in handling my accountabilities in school. The realization and results of the test made me confirm to the commitment below.

My commitments to this course:

  1. Plan early, arrange priorities and do not procrastinate
  2. In a week, dedicate two whole days for school requirements
  3. Engage with classmates more often to gain information coming from different experiences and perspectives