I’ve been hearing from different sources (people and media) that teaching is one of the most noble careers a person can ever have. Imagine you are the one who is imparting knowledge, developing skills and teaching good values to the children – these young learners will eventually grow up, learn new things, discard and construct new forms of ideas and will do many things that will affect the future. True enough, teaching significantly affects how one transforms from plain student to a progressive thinker and proactive member of a society. I believe witnessing your student growing up and contributing to the general progress is one of the compensation packages of this profession (apart from salary) that other jobs don’t have. I believe the ability to create leaders is the element that make this job noble.

I don’t have any formal teaching experience in the world of academe, though I trained various real estate professionals about sales and its components. For me imparting knowledge to someone gives me this sense of satisfaction – satisfaction that drives me to hone the training-related skills that I have since I need to be one of the bests this industry has to offer and also, training people feeds my ego with positivity. Let’s admit it, when we are radiating with positivity, we can do lots of things easier and more effective. Going beyond myself, it is also fulfilling and “noble” to see your trainees using what they’ve learned in your class and applying them in their work (sometimes even at home) and the best part, results are coming in!

How about you? What is the noble part or element of your work (if you aren’t into teaching) that drives you everyday?