The class in UPOU immediately began after the still sizzling new year (where almost everyone is still experiencing mixed emotions from the freshly wrapped 2014 parties and events), for me I felt the mixed emotion too – excitement, sadness, worry, even the lingering feeling of procrastination all packaged under my chin.

Good thing that I am good at motivating myself at work and even at school stuff, I always envision my short-term and long-term goals in my mind and its benefits to keep me started and going. Now, I have a new set of courses (under BES) laid in front of me, and one of these is EDS 180 which is “Teaching Multigrade Classess”. My impression about this course is that this is about the learning and teaching dynamics of teachers, students and their medium in a various levels. I believe that every learner who belong to different category of age (and other demographic details), school level etc. has various methods of learning which are most appropriate to them. Since the word “multigrade” is present, this course can be about handling or administering a class wherein the learners share diversity in their demography and school level, which I think as an exciting approach in pedagogy because of the nature of subject delivery and how will the teacher or facilitator handle such class (I can just imagine the different learning proficiencies and comprehension levels of learners with varying differences age and academic attainment).

Like in real life, everyday we are facing different people coming from different walks of life. Just like my thought in EDS 180, learners in this course will be able to acquire and develop their skills needed to understand the innate perspectives of different people so we can appreciate and be familiar with their beliefs and principles and other components of a person that will allow us to create connection with them.